Prenatal diagnostic services



A pregnancy is a very special time of your life. A new era, a new life cycle, filled with hope, expectations and sometimes with anxiety.


You hope that your baby is healthy, and you expect to receive the best possible care in this very special time of your life. Of course you have a many thoughts and doubts whether you are doing everything right for your baby.

We wish to accompany you and your gynecologist of trust with best professional care on your way to motherhood and parenthood. We offer competence in additional specialised ultrasound, enhancing and complementing the care you receive from your gynaecologist of choice. With the examinations we offer, you have the possibility to benefit from our long experience in the antenatal evaluation of the health of your baby. You can also learn about the possible risks facing you during your pregnancy and also about what you can do about these risks.



The up-to-date way of pregnancy care - Modern antenatal care


Just as earlier, most healthy women give birth to healthy newborns all around the world. Over the years medicine has enabled an ever increasing number of families to have children who earlier would not have been able to do so. A large proportion of  women with all sorts of medical conditions can nowadays have a family of their own. This means that  even more women need special care during their pregnancy. Care that is only partly covered by the Mutter-Kind-Pass services.


The last decades have brought great developments in how normal and risk pregnancies can be best managed. It is not even 20 years that women had to wait until symptoms of complications in the pregnancy developed until medical intervention could be implemented. 

Today it is possible already in the 11-14 weeks of pregnancy to assess the risk of not only fetal anomalies, but also of the risk of maternal complication in the spectrum of preeclampsia. Based on this risk assessment your personal care can be adapted to your individual needs and with good chances these complication can be prevented.


With these specialised services we wish to accompany you during your pregnancy and provide you with competent counselling and care.