Anomaly scan (Organscreening)


An anomaly scan is a highly specialised ultrasound scan performed in addition to your normal pregnancy care you receive at you gynaecologist (Mutter-Kind Pass scans). During this scan the whole fetal anatomy will be examined, with special emphasis on the brain and on the development of the fetal heart. In addition many small but important details will be looked at, which usually are not checked during the routine ultrasound scans at your doctor.


The thorough scan is performed according to international guidelines (FMF, ISUOG, ÖGUM, DEGUM, SGUM, RCOG, ACOG). It requires a founded knowledge of the fetal anatomy, and a detailed knowledge of the many types of possible fetal developmental anomalies and genetic disorders. The specialist performing the scan has passed a special training according to the guidelines of the above bodies and as such, possess the adequate qualification to be able to offer the scan for you.


This scan is able to exclude the presence of most fetal developmental anomalies in most cases and also identify the majority of fetal developmental anomalies.



Short take

  • The anomaly scan is a highly specialised ultrasound scan (certified by international societies)
  • It aims to verify the normal development of the fetus
  • The anomaly scan is performed in addition to your Mutter-Kind Pass care
  • To our best knowledge ultrasound does not harm the developing fetus
  • Requires extensive training and certification process

About the advantages and the limitations of the scan you can find more information below:


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