Early pregnancy      (5-10. weeks) 


You just found out that you are pregnant. Congratulations!


At the beginning of the pregnancy (between weeks 5-10) you can already see your pregnancy in ultrasound. At this scan you can hear and see the heartbeat of the embryo. Also, we can not only show you the embryo, but also give you first information about its viability and about the exact location (exclusion of an ectopic pregnancy).


At this early scan you can also learn whether you have one embryo, or maybe you are expecting twins or even triplets.

Especially in the case on twins or higher grade multiple pregnancies it is essential that the exact type of multiple pregnancy is diagnosed as early as possible, as this information determines greatly how your pregnancy should be managed.

Non-identical twins (dichorionic) and identical twins (monochorionic) require completely different counselling and management. You can learn more about this topic at your next visit.


When you contact us for your appointment please tell us if you have a twin or multiple pregnancy, so adequate time can be allocated for you.



Short take

  • Available from week 5
  • Determining the location of your pregnancy in ultrasound
  • Verifying the heartbeat of the embryo
  • Planning future appointments based on exact dating of pregnancy
  • Determining the type of multiple pregnancy (if applicable)
  • To our best knowledge ultrasound does not harm the developing fetus