Fetal wellbeing / Fetal growth scan


You have probably already had your basic and also the extended pregnancy care scans, and your pregnancy is developing well. Still, you would like to have the growth and wellbeing of your fetes assessed.

Or you have some other questions which you would like to have cleared to be able to plan your delivery?

We are happy to offer growth scans from week 26 on. Here you can learn how well your baby is developing, and also how good the blood supply to the baby and to your womb is. 


If your baby is suspected not to be growing as expected, very precise staging systems help us determine if this is true and give you a clear plan for further follow-up scans.

This information can sometimes change your  plans for delivery.


Please note: a wellbeing scan is not an anomaly scan. The chances to fully examine the fetus like at the time of the anomaly scan decreases as the pregnancy gets bigger. 


Short take

  • Available from week 26
  • It aims to verify the normal growth of the fetus
  • Also examines the blood flow within the fetus and also to the uterus (fetal and maternal assessment)
  • A wellbeing scan is not an anomaly scan
  • The ability to perform a detailed evaluation of the fetal anatomy decreases as the pregnancy gets older
  • To our best knowledge ultrasound does not harm the developing fetus